PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

At Total Circuit Solutions Ltd, we use the latest technology to manufacture high-quality printed circuit boards for various applications.

Manufacturing services for a quick turnaround PCBs

We use quality raw materials and the latest technologies to manufacture state-of-the-art printed circuit boards for our customers. Our experienced engineers have the skills and the resources to produce even the most complex PCBs for your business, giving your product the edge in the market. You can depend on us to fabricate and manufacture high volumes of PCBs with a 10 day turnaround. Based in Peterborough, we offer a range of PCB services to businesses across the country and worldwide. Fill out our contact form with your specifications and our experts will get in touch with you.

PCB manufacturing capabilities
Multilayer PCB (rigid)

Maximum aspect ratio 18:1
Minimum mechanical drill size (mm) 0.1
Minimum spacing between via to conductor(mm) 0.1
Minimum laser drill size (mm) 0.762
Minimum pad size of laser hole (mm) 0.228
Maximum aspect ratio (laser hole 1:1
Maximum layer count 18
Line width/spacing for inner layer (mil) 2.5/2.5
Line width/spacing for outer layer (mil) 2.5/2.5
Maximum aspect ratio 12:1
Minimum mechanical drill size (mm) 0.10
Minimum spacing between via to conductor (mm) 0.17
Blind vias 0.1mm
Buried vias 0.1mm
Micro vias 0.1mm
Peck drilling Yes
Depth drilling +/- 10 µ m (microns)
Optical alignment drilling Yes
Drilling (X-ray)
Slots (metallised) Yes
Slots (not metallised) Yes
Gold contacts Yes
Minimum IL thickness 0.063mm
Minimum IL thickness 1.5mm
Peelable soldermask Max. hole fill 3mm
Impedance controlled PCBs Yes
Sequential laminated products Yes
Press fit connectors Yes
Maximum number of layers 30
Base Materials FR4 (standard and High-Tg), Rogers series 4000, Polyimide, RCC
Board thickness range
Maximum finished board size (ML)
Maximum finished board size (SS/DS)

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